Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello (Violin) World!

LeMaurien19 is back!
From going crazy over netbooks and hackintoshing (My Macbook Mini), I now got the courage to blog about my not so new hobby but for which the passion has recently been rekindled - like last year.
Ok, so may not that recently, just fairly recently.
This hobby is....(insert drum roll here):
The violin! (and classical music)
I'm not sure whether it's just my crazy self or the stress in Singapore but I find that I'm getting more and more inclined to scratching on the instrument. It's probably to vent out the stress from my system, yeah, I think that's it.
If you've been following my old blog about hackintoshing, you would know about Rius and Aubie - my violons. They're gone now.
Rius has been put up for adoption to a guy who's also a newbie while Aubie has decided to take another path; that of a memento. Meaning I don't really play on it but just keep it for its sentimental value: it's the first decent and real violin I've ever had (not a Violin Shaped Object "VSO")
So now, let me introduce you to my new baby, with whom I hope to share the rest of my volinistic ambition and life (if "violinistic" was a real word).
Meet Nicola or simply Nic.
He's a Nicolaus Amatus / Nicola Amati patterned violin. Is China made and curiously at that because the woods (the spruce for the top and the maple for back, ribs, scroll and neck) used as material come from 50 year old wooden establishments there. Hurray for a greener environment!